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How to scale your UA with PlayIgnite

How to scale your UA with PlayIgnite

July 18th, 2018

When it comes to any kind of global launch, scaling with a carefully prepared user acquisition strategy is critical. That means you have to line up your tech stack, your creatives, your ad networks, and you need the funding in place to make it all happen. At PlayIgnite, we provide you with the funding for your UA – removing one of the main hurdles.

Ignition Capital is our UA funding product, it’s there to help you scale. We provide you with the funding, so that you can focus on your game. Our approach is purely metrics driven, and we absolutely do that on purpose, so that we are totally aligned with your own goals. After all, if the unit economics of your UA spend are positive, then you would definitely want to spend to acquire more users, and we would absolutely want to back you too.

In short – once you have tested some UA channels, and they are profitable, we lend you the money to scale up through those very same channels. Here is a working example, just to give you a feel for how it works.

So let’s assume you’ve worked hard on your game, and it’s now ready, after a good soft launch, to go global. You have a limited budget of $10k to test your channels. You have your attribution and analytics systems all set up, and you’re ready to spend and track the key metrics. This is a great time to start talking to PlayIgnite, as hopefully you’ll hit some good numbers, and then look for ways to scale.

After you start testing all the main channels, and your metrics for acquired users start to stack up, it’s a great time to give us access to your metrics and systems. We will have a look, mainly at the retention, ARPDAU and CPI numbers, and our technology will work out your LTV (lifetime value) and then the ROI (return on investment).

Once we get a good idea of how your UA is faring, we can start talking about giving you funding, and we connect your data to our proprietary dashboard, which we call PULSE. We provide funding monthly, always watching the ROI as you do, but at the beginning, let’s say we give you $50-100k to spend on UA. We will want to see your UA plan, but we know that you know what you’re doing, so we leave you to allocate the money down the best performing performance driven channels.

Every month, we review your UA metrics, and assuming the ROI is still high, and you’re happy with how your revenues are growing, we give you another tranche of capital to spend on growing your installs again. We will do this for as long as you want, and for as long as the ROI stays above our hurdle rate.

Our absolute conviction, is that if your UA return is positive, you should debt fund it, and not equity fund it (we’ve written a separate blog on that to explain in more detail). We believe that you shouldn’t give away part of your business or profits, for a strategy that will be value creating very quickly. Ignition Capital could be exactly what you need to give your game that much needed boost, why not give us a call to learn more about it?

We can also help with your revenues stuck at the digital stores, and getting you your VGTR money quicker, but Ignition Capital is where we think we have something truly unique. If you think your business could be ready for Ignition Capital then we’d love to hear from you!

  • "The fact that they understand the business model for our industry was a huge time saver."

    Jason Falcus, Kwalee

  • "It's easy to see financing as a necessary evil – but PlayIgnite took the 'evil' out of it."

    Paul Mayze, Virttrade