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New Year, New Features and Insights Galore

New Year, New Features and Insights Galore

January 10th, 2019

2018 was a fantastic year for us. We met hundreds of developers and were fortunate enough to have on-boarded some brilliant studios with great games. And, like many of you I am sure, we have started the new year with some very clear business goals for 2019. We will help many more studios to grow through PlayIgnite funding, using one of our three products, and as we hire more people to join us, we will ensure they always go the extra mile to support our customers. Moreover we are excited to announce that we are adding lots of new features to our offering to help you in more ways than just finance alone.

Anyone that knows Matt knows how driven he is so it will come as no surprise that he hasn’t wasted a moment of 2019 and we are delighted to announce the first of our new features, our PULSE dashboard, today.

The PlayIgnite PULSE dashboard is the foundation of our business and informs all our lending decisions. It’s where we track and analyse the CPIs, retention, and LTVs of all the games we finance. This allows us to see the ROI of your UA spend in real time, and make the best possible funding decisions.


– Our PULSE dashboard

We spent last year building it and showing it to our clients at key points in its development cycle and as we did so it dawned on us that it could be a game-changer for them too. That’s why we are excited to announce that, from today, it is available to any developer or studio who is looking to receive Ignition Capital (UA funding). PULSE allows you to analyse the ROI of your UA spend, see how algorithms view it, and helps you to stay focused on the right targets all on a single dashboard.

It’s often hard to get the right data all in one place, and have a reliable way to calculate and monitor LTVs, so we’ve got your back. Plugging it into our tools is very easy and simple to set up. If you want to see how your UA data to date looks through our ROI lens, then
get in touch.


– Plug in your data to predict LTVs

This is just the first of the new features we will be rolling out over the forthcoming months; look out for updates on VGTR funding, partnerships and UA services. The latter product extension will be aimed at studios who need a bit of assistance with their UA strategy, and would like to talk to some of our in house UA experts.

In the meantime, if you are looking at your options for VGTR funding, UA funding, or trying to get your digital stores revenues early, we can absolutely help, so please get in touch at

We wish you a very prosperous 2019 and here’s to having smash hits together!


By Ritesh Thadani, COO PlayIgnite


  • "The fact that they understand the business model for our industry was a huge time saver."

    Jason Falcus, Kwalee

  • "It's easy to see financing as a necessary evil – but PlayIgnite took the 'evil' out of it."

    Paul Mayze, Virttrade